Not All Channels Are Created Equal.

Are you using the right vehicles to tackle the roads less traveled?

It’s all about using the right vehicle for the right purpose. A Lamborghini Veneno is one of the most expensive sports cars in the world. It may have 750 horsepower and hit speeds of 221 mph, but if you’re trying to drive up a rocky mountain road, a Jeep may be your better choice.

The same is true of social media. The hottest channels won’t necessarily help you achieve your specific goals. Especially if you don’t use them in the right way.

Take Pinterest for example

One of the hottest sites around right now. Wildly successful for many product companies. But if you’re selling IT services to the federal government, you should think twice about starting a Pinterest campaign. Seriously.

So how do you navigate the ever-increasing complexities of the social media landscape?

Marketüd can help. You need the right vehicle to navigate the roads less traveled.

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