Social Responsibility

Out of Obscurity and into Our Hearts

Every month, Marketüd will highlight one organization that we are supporting. We feel that each of these is worthy of having you take a closer look. We are not asking for donations, just that you learn a bit more about their causes. What you decide to do after that is your choice.

Although childhood cancer awareness month has just ended, the quest for a cure never does. To keep the momentum going, this month’s spotlight is on Journey 4 A Cure. An all volunteer organization started in honor of sweet Declan Carmical, who lost his battle with cancer just one week shy of his first birthday, 100% of the donations go to either research or programs for the children and families battling this awful disease.


No parent ever wants to hear the words… ‘Your child has cancer.’ But it’s the words that may follow that no parent should ever have to hear… ‘There is no known cure.’