Messaging. Outreach.

Are you using your communications to your best advantage?

Website – check.
Brochure – check.
Email campaigns – check.
The right messaging – check?

Are you tracking your website stats? How many “opens” do your email campaigns achieve? Not only is the right message important, but you also need to use the right length and tone. The goal is to drive people to ask for more information. To give you the chance to get in front of them and tell your story.

Stop scrolling

Remember, we live in a Twitterfied world where folks are used to reading 140 characters or less… Brief blurbs that catch attention are far more effective than paragraph upon paragraph of run-on sentences.

Are there other ways you should be communicating?

Sometimes the way to stand out is to do something others are not doing. Or maybe it’s targeting an audience you may not have thought of. Marketüd can help you get creative and draw your audience in:

Target. Customize. Get creative.

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